CLUÉL vol.83 (October 2022 issue)

The following error was found in " CLUÉL vol.83 (October 2022 issue) " released on September 12, 2022.

MHL. "British modernity and sophistication" special feature

■ P037 tights price

(Incorrect) Tights ¥49050

(Correct) Tights ¥4950

"London girl miscellaneous goods picture book" special feature

■P084 08 Item name and price, contact information

(Incorrect) DESK LUMP ¥28000/ANGLEPOISE (Unglobal)

(Positive) DESK LAMP ¥46200 / MARGARET HOWELL HOUSEHOLD GOODS (Margaret Howell

Let's Autumn color!

■P140 Top left Solid&Strong BAG STORE bag materials

(Incorrect) suede material

(Positive) Linen canvas material

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to our readers and related parties, and we will correct it here.