NAVYS vol.8 (2022 AUTUMN)

The following error was found in "NAVYS vol.8 (Autumn/Winter 2022) " released on November 14, 2022.

In the special feature "How to choose pants that look good with knitwear" 

P045 / P047 bag price, brand name, contact information

(Incorrect) Bag ¥ 146,300 / ZANCHETTI (Eliopole Daikanyama)

(Positive) Bag ¥ 18,700 / Christian Villa (Arsense Lumine Shinjuku 1)

P049 cordinate/03 BAKER PANTS 02 Pants price

(Incorrect) Pants ¥ 22000

(Correct) Pants ¥ 29700

"Imo chestnut Nanjing, sometimes nuts" special feature

P113 bottom left YEN pudding brand name and price

(Incorrect) BRAND : Confectionery Gloss

(Positive) BRAND : Kashiya Ai

(Incorrect) Pudding ¥390 each

(Correct) Pudding ¥430 each

P115 #04 The order of the sentences in the topic of nut baked confectionery




caramel nuts

brand;Nuts Stock Mimori

item: drifting caramel boat

A cute dish with a crunchy tart dough that looks like a boat. Plenty of 3 kinds of nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds. Drifting Caramel Boat ¥561/Nuts Stock Mimori (Grapestone)




brand: Noix

item: nut millefeuille

Large walnuts and caramel cream are sandwiched between crispy pie crusts. I want to enjoy both the crunchiness of the pie and the crunchy texture of the walnuts. Nut mille-feuille (6 pieces) ¥1,620 / Niox (Mont Cleve)




brand: Noix

item: nut tart & pound cake

A luxurious tart with walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, and cashew nuts on the tart dough, and a pound cake with a chunky chocolate dough. Set of 2 baked sweets ¥864/Noix (Mon Cleve)

■P142 shop list Contact information

(Incorrect) May 1 Design Office 050-5531-5115

(Positive) May 1 Design Office

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